Certificate in Teaching Vocabulary

This is a short and practical course aimed at developing the teacher's skills in the introduction and teaching of vocabulary.

  • Course Contents
  • definition
  • explanation
  • pictures and visual media
  • realia
  • mime and gesture
  • opposites
  • pre-teaching vocabulary
  • games, tips and hints
  • less restrictive practice
  • authentic practice
  • student centred presentation
  • concept questions
  • criteria for selection of vocabulary to reach
  • lexical sets/collocation
  • Courses +

    On one wall is a life size picture of a red telephone box, on another a member of the Royal Guards
  • College +

    On educational trips four hours per day are allocated for English language teaching with various visits and outings in the afternoons and evenings.
  • Travel and study abroad +

  • 1

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