Certificate in English Grammar

Who is it for?

You may want to teach English or enrol on a TEFL course but are not sure that your knowledge of English grammar and how the language works is as complete as it could be.

Our Pre-service Certificate in English Grammar course is just what you have been looking for! It covers all the basics of English grammar in an easy to read format with self correcting tasks to aid your understanding.

At just £25, what are you waiting for? Enrol now and you can be confident with grammar in a few hours study!

Yes, I want to improve my language awareness

Grammar is the nuts and bolts of a language we follow certain rules and conventions which allow us to achieve our purposed communication with another person.


This short course covers the English tense system. How to form present, past and future tense forms, simple continuous and perfect along with stative and active verbs.

Lots of practical exercises and activities are provided to help you both understand the English tense systems and how to explain these to your learner.

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    On one wall is a life size picture of a red telephone box, on another a member of the Royal Guards
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    On educational trips four hours per day are allocated for English language teaching with various visits and outings in the afternoons and evenings.
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